Clinical Trial Search Results for "TRA 2P-TIMI 50"

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Bonaca MP, Scirica BM, Creager MA, Olin J, Bounameaux H, Dellborg M, Lamp JM, Murphy SA, Braunwald E, Morrow DA Vorapaxar in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease: Results From TRA 2˚P-TIMI 50 Circulation. 2013;127:1522-9. Abstract

Morrow DA, Alberts MJ, Mohr JP, Ameriso SF, Bonaca MP, Goto S, Hankey GJ, Murphy SA, Scirica BM, Braunwald E. Efficacy and safety of vorapaxar in patients with prior ischemic stroke. Stroke. 2013;44:691-8. Abstract