Cannon, C. P. Utilization of guidelines and computer-based technology to achieve optimal care in atherothrombotic vascular disease J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2004;17(1):45-9.

Recently there have been numerous advances in the treatment of UA/NSTEMI based on large randomized trials. However, there are also data from several registries that have shown underutilization of these therapies. National guidelines, such as the ACC/AHA Guidelines are designed to provide clinicians recommendations for optimal care. There are some initial data from the TIMI 3 and GUARANTEE registries that publication of such guidelines does appear to help improve compliance with evidence-based optimal care, however, it appears that critical pathways and specific tools such as standardized orders or checklists are needed to more fully implement the recommendations. One newer type of tool are Palm Pilot programs such as the 3 presented here, where it is hoped that their use at the bedside with provide clinicians rapid access to evidence-based medicine ina format that can be useful in a busy practice setting.

Trial: TIMI 3 REG