Boisjolie, C. R., Sharkey, S. W., Cannon, C. P., Brunette, D., Haugland, J. M., Thatcher, J. L., Henry, T. D. Impact of a thrombolysis research trial on time to treatment for acute myocardial infarction in the emergency department American journal of cardiology. 1995;76(5):396-8.

Because time to treatment in AMI is a critical factor in long-term outcome, it is important that complex trials designed to improve reperfusion therapy do not delay the time to treatment. Participation in the TIMI 5 trial did not significantly prolong our door-to-needle time. These results indicate that, if done carefully, complex, labor-intensive studies can be performed within a reasonable time limit. Care should be taken to design protocols incorporating easy drug preparation, informed consent by the ED, and efficiency of trial initiation.

Trial: TIMI 5