Innovative clinical trials that enhance the understanding of cardiovascular disease and improve the care of patients.

Since its inception in 1984, the TIMI Study Group has been an Academic Research Organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and care of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. We have led a wide array of trials, from phase I to phase IV, enrolling from less than 30 to more than 26,000 subjects, and with both industry and NIH support. Trials have been conducted in over 50 countries and at more than 5000 separate sites.

We investigate a broad array of therapeutic interventions in individuals across the spectrum of cardiovascular disease, ranging from prevention in those with risk factors, to emergent interventions in those with acute manifestations of disease. In addition, we have used our large database of clinical findings, biomarkers, and genotypes to enhance the understanding of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.

By leading large-scale, international, randomized controlled trials of novel therapeutics and performing sophisticated analyses, we have been privileged to help shape the very practice of cardiovascular medicine for over a quarter of a century.


Academic Trial Leadership

TIMI Study Group investigators provide leadership for clinical trial design, execution, and analysis

Global Trial Operations

Global Trial Management, Biostatistics, Clinical Events Committee, Safety Desk, Medical Hotline

Core Labs

Biomarkers, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Genomics, ECG


Practice-changing contributions to the medical literature

Current Trials

Recent News and Publications

11/18/2014 – IMPROVE IT-TIMI 40 Late Breaking Clinical Trial - Slides Available. MORE

11/14/2014 – IMPROVE IT-TIMI 40 Late Breaking Clinical Trial at the American Heart Association Annual Meeting. MORE

11/12/2014 – TIMI will present several abstracts at AHA 2014. PDF

9/18/2014 – Today at 1pm, a special BWH Cardiovascular Grand Rounds – The TIMI Study Group: 30 Years of Cardiovascular Clinical Trials. Shapiro Building, 1st floor.

9/10/2014 – New Publication: O'Donoghue, et al. Effect of darapladib on major coronary events after an acute coronary syndrome: the SOLID-TIMI 52 randomized clinical trial. MORE

9/4/2014 – New Publication: Scirica, et al. Heart Failure, Saxagliptin and Diabetes Mellitus: Observations from the SAVOR-TIMI 53 Randomized Trial. MORE